Why hire a Lead Generation Assistant?

Generating and nurturing quality leads is key to your business’ growth. When you hire a lead generation assistant, you make the most important sales investment in your business. A qualified lead generation assistant will make efficient use of the right tools, apps, and software to identify the right prospects for sale. If you or your sales personnel are handling time generating leads instead of closing deals, it’s time to hire a lead generation assistant. Ease the burden on your sales team and start delegating to a lead generation assistant.

What our Lead Generation Assistant can do?

  • Researching prospects: Hire a lead generation assistant to understand your prospect’s needs, requirements and decision journey. They will conduct research on the best people to contact for growing your business’ revenue.        
  • Database management: Good lead generation needs a quality database of prospects. Your lead generation assistant will keep your database up-to-date and relevant to your business.                                                                                            
  • Following up: Task your lead generation assistant with following up with prospects that have expressed an interest. Nurture and monitor all your leads with a skilled lead generation assistant.                                                                                             
  • Qualified Leads: Focus on building relationships and winning deals. Our team will handle the tasks of finding potential customers, qualifying leads, and setting appointments for you.


We use a multi-layered verification process, industry-defining lead generation tools, and also make use of various proprietary email verification tools and software to make sure none of the provided emails bounces back.

We have paid version of the following email verification tools to verify our Emails list: LinkedIn Sales Navigator(Rapportive), Zoominfo, CrunchBase, NeverBounce and AngeList.

  • A replacement lead and email will be supplied for FREE OF COST. So you get value for every penny paid.
  • All Contacts will be Business Email And 100% Valid.

How can a Lead Generation Assistant benefit you?

  • Productivity benefits: When you hire a lead generation assistant, you get the time to focus on important, productive tasks that grow your business.
  • Save time: Delegating repetitive tasks can save many hours each day. Do more with the time you save by hiring a lead generation assistant.
  • Reduced overheadsCompared to full-time employees, lead generation assistants come with no overheads. They work remotely and don’t need an office space or supplies.
  • Free Trial Run of Project: Send us the sample project of your lead generation requirement and check our working quality in short span of time.